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Peat has been used for hundreds of years to heal, nourish, and detoxify. Today this powerful natural substance is used in the beauty industry, sports medicine, and to cure a long list of ailments. 

Thanks to technology we can now embed Peat’s fulvic and humic acid, plus enzymes and vitamins into sheep wool to make our therapeutic pad. Now you don’t have to go to an expensive spa or practitioner’s office to enjoy Peat therapy – we bring it to your bed.  





Swiss stone pine has been used for decades to soothe, relax and help with stress. While it’s mostly used as aromatherapy oils,  we use a finely tuned amount of milled stone pine in our pads that has been dried for five years.

We use this elaborate process so we can bring you the best possible effect of the pine. Our therapeutic pads will turn your bed into an oasis of calm and wellbeing.   






Lavender has been used for over 2,500 years by herbalists and in aromatherapy to promote restful sleep. In ancient cultures it was also used for bathing, antiseptic purposes and as medicine to treat ailments.

Lavender is more than a pretty smell. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, Lavender may alleviate some of the symptoms of anxiety and stress. 

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Our therapeutic pads are made with the finest ingredients on the inside and the outside. They’re 100% natural and are encased in a breathable new age fiber called TENCEL®

TENCEL® is a functional fiber from nature with botanic origin. It’s more absorbent than cotton, softer than silk and cooler than linen.
It’s smooth surface prevents skin irritation, helps control moisture and reduces bacteria. And it’s fiber production itself is extremely eco-friendly. 

The pad weighs less than a pound, fits easily in a suitcase or bag offering convenience when taken on vacation or a business trip.  Dimensions are 23” X  47”


How it works

a simpler solution to what ails you



Our pad’s therapeutic effect happens automatically, every single night in the comfort of you own bed. Simply put the pad underneath your sheet – that’s it. 

While we sleep we heal and recover and during this time it’s possible for biologically active substances to enter the body through aspiration and permeation. 

We took advantage of this intuitive and gentle delivery method and designed sleep pads with specifically formulated proprietary mixtures and natural ingredients to heal the body on absorption.  

A study was conducted at the University of Erlangen in Germany with mattress pads built by the Natural Medicine Model department in Hattingen - Blankenheim. The results confirmed biological substances are absorbed through the skin, making it possible to influence immunological processes positively.