The Earthwonderful Lavender Sleep Pad is a natural and innovative product made with hundreds of organic lavender flowers – the fragrance is incredible. The sleep pad is specifically designed to create the relaxing environment that’s needed for nightly “beauty sleep”.  Best of all  – it is made in USA. 

Lavender has been used for over 2,500 years as a natural sleep aid by herbalists and in aromatherapy to promote sleep. In ancient cultures it was also used for bathing, antiseptic purposes and as medicine to treat ailments.

Lavender is more than just a pretty smell. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, Lavender may also alleviate some symptoms of anxiety and stress. 

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Washable cover 

The lavender sleep pad is made with the finest materials. It consists of two parts – a soft,  washable cover and a replaceable aroma insert (refill). The envelope opening on the back of the cover makes it easy to replace the insert. The lightweight and comfortable cover is made from an organic cotton blend. The cover lasts up to five years. 

The sleep pad weighs less than a pound, fits easily in a suitcase or bag offering convenience when traveling for business or leisure. Lavender Sleep Pad dimensions are 36” X  21.5”


Aroma insert – refill

Each aroma insert is made with hundreds of organic lavender blossoms embedded in luxurious wool for maximum aromatherapeutic benefit and comfort. A unique and innovative design, using a proprietary production process, promotes the controlled and gentle release of pure, natural scent.

Replace  insert every 90 days for maximum scent experience.

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We only use untreated (dried) and unprocessed lavender blossoms. This is a natural way to release the pure, relaxing scent of lavender.

Each lavender sleep pad is made with hundreds of organically grown lavender blossoms from the most recent harvests. This helps create a sweet, strong fragrance.


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How it works

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Breathe. Relax and get your beauty sleep with Earthwonderful’s Lavender Sleep Pad. The controlled and gentle release of fragrance, from natural lavender blossoms, infuses your sleeping environment with relaxing scents. Simply place the sleep pad underneath your sheets and that’s it. Bedtime becomes a luxury spa experience with the lavender sleep pad.; its wellness effect happens automatically, every night.

 Aromatherapy with lavender helps turn your bed into an oasis of calm and well-being. The sleep pad is beautifully made and makes a great relaxation or spa gift.

Rainer Wieland – Founder/CEO

I Promise to Make Only Good Things

Sleep has the biggest impact on our daily lives. My need  for better support and improved sleep quality led to several patents and the development of my highly acclaimed Somnium mattress. As a former athlete I am  passionate about health and fitness; I understand the importance of sleep for recovery – the body’s natural healing process during the night. I continue to work with people from all walks of life,  who want to feel great and perform at their best naturally. I started Earthwonderful because I wanted to produce safe products made from the finest natural materials. One thing I missed the most, after moving to the US from Europe, was how the fragrant scent of lavender wafted through my bedroom window most nights. Earthwonderful was born out of a combination of my passion for health and wellness and my love for everything lavender – the natural way. After three long years of blood, sweat, and tears I am  finally happy with the design; now I have the pleasure of sharing it with you so please breathe, relax and enjoy my new lavender sleep pad!